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Breakups & Divorce

"Perhaps what often determines our happiness in life is the step we take after a setback.  There will always be setbacks, and these setbacks often require us to risk again.  To love after we have been hurt or lost.  To try even after we have failed or been rejected." - John Izzo


What Is It?

An all-too-often neglected part of the relationship cycle, breakups and divorce are a natural and important part of a relational and intimate life.  For all we may complain of the little preparation and guidance we are given to actually form and maintain loving relationships, we are offered even less to end them and live well in their aftermath.  It took my own divorce to truly recognize the gap in relationship dissolution education and to begin to become aware of the destructive social and cultural scripts that surround "failed" relationships and marriages.  These scripts nearly always cause us to experience shame and the end of a relationship as a failure, whether we were the one to leave or the one fighting to stay.


However, the truth is, breakups have the power to transform us in meaningful

ways that intact relationships often cannot, to completely shift our perspective

of success, intimacy, love, compassion, and certainty.  Simultaneously, they can

also melt away the images we have of our lives, our futures, and our very

characters.  There are many losses in the journey of a breakup or divorce: the

loss of the partner, the loss of belonging, the loss of a routine, the loss of

certainty.  But little can prepare you for the the moment you look up, blink, and

realize: now what?

I have been so moved by the gap in support for breakups and divorce,

specifically regarding support for young and childless breakups and divorce

that occur before mid-life, that it has inspired a second birth of a career niche

for me.  I am devoted to helping others make sense of the breakups process

and navigate their way through the fog to a wiser, deeper, and more meaningful

intimate life.

Whether you are a couple looking for support in your uncoupling process, a 

person looking for help in surviving the crazy time of divorce, or someone 

rising out of the ashes of your former self, therapy can help.

Possible Issues Addressed in Breakups & Divorce
Intense grief after the relationship ends
Difficulties around anger and contempt
Making meaning from your relationship
Navigating the practical aftermath of the breakup
Understanding the difference between legal and emotional divorce
Fear or anxiety around dating and loving again
Guilt or shame around what occurred in the relationship
Fantasies, dreams, and do-over narratives
Confusion and uncertainty in navigating the "fog"
Loss of desire for vulnerability or trust
Focusing on the basics
Navigating coparenting with the ex-partner
Negotiating a new relationship with the ex-partner
Resistance to confronting the reality of the marriage
Feeling like a victim or a perpetrator
Recovery from relational, physical, or sexual violence and trauma
Recreating a new image of a healthy relationship
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