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What Is It?

Finding a therapist who is comfortable with the notion of non-monogamous relationships can be a highly difficult task.  Those currently in or seeking to explore open relationships, swinging relationships, polyamorous relationships, or any form of non-monogamous relationship often find their ability to commit, mental health, and sexual interests questioned and pathologized by family, friends, and greater society.  In my practice, I provide therapy for exploring couples, non-monogamous couples, triads, and larger families from an affirmative and positive perspective from the perspective that it can and does work.


Whether you are an individual or couple exploring the idea of non-monogamy

for the first time or a member of a long-term non-monogamous relationship

looking for someone who already understands concepts such as polyamory,

metamours, compersion, and love as a way of being rather than as a finite

resource, therapy can help.  In my practice, you need not defend your lifestyle

or educate me about polyamory, alternative sexual practices, BDSM and kink,

or non-gender-based sexual orientations.  Instead, we will spend our time

together navigating your presenting struggles and feelings in your relationships

from a lens that affirms your romantic choices and assists you in creating and

maintaining strong and fulfilling relationships.



"Love is like an ocean, not a bathtub.  One person doesn't need to get out in order for another to get in." - Unknown


Possible Issues Addressed with Non-Monogamy
Difficulty considering and starting the conversation
Feelings of jealousy or sadness in the relationship
Developing compersion in the relationship
Navigating the constraints of time and other commitments
Fear or desire to alter the relational structure
Anxiety around ending or beginning a new relationship within your family
Exploring alternative sexual practices such as BDSM and kink
Coming out to friends and family
A desire to learn more about non-monogamous lifestyles
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